Our Story

Hey, I'm Maria. Loving wife, Mum of 2 boys and proud owner of You're Glowing. For the longest time, I wanted a "side hustle" or somewhere to project my creativity outside of full-time office work. 

When my body began to change in pregnancy, I found getting dressed in the morning became a pretty stressful task. Pants that fit a day ago, suddenly wouldn’t button up. In the end I found dresses to be the best option. They were comfortable, would glide over my growing bump & make me feel put together (even if I didn't feel it).

It’s not sustainable for the environment (or your bank account!) to buy an entire new wardrobe of dresses for only 9 months of wear, so You’re Glowing dress rentals makes it easy. 

My biggest hope for You're Glowing is to provide NZ women with an affordable way to feel inspired, beautiful and confident throughout their Pregnancy. I really hope you love wearing these dresses as much as I did and still do now I'm postpartum.

M x