How do I rent a dress?

Check out our How It Works page, this covers the whole process.

Can I try the dress on first?

We are based in Paraparaumu Beach, if you are local to us then feel free to connect and we can try and make a try on happen.  

How far in advance should I book?

We would recommend you book as early as possible to make sure the dress you want is available. Please try book at least 3 days out from the event to ensure we can get it couriered to you on time. For those based in Wellington, we have more flexibility for last minute bookings, as we can offer collection rather than post.

What if the dress arrives and doesn't fit?

We really recommend you get in touch before booking if you are worried about a particular garment fitting. We'll do our best to work out the best options for your measurements. However, in the event that your dress turns up and doesn't fit, the sooner you let us know, the better, as we will do our best to accommodate. Our priority is making sure you look & feel great in our dresses!

What happens if I damage the dress?

Honesty is the best policy. We understand that things happen, so please let us know as soon as possible if you have damaged the dress. This way we can take it down from the site immediately and contact anyone who has it booked for future events. 
If the garment is severely damaged and unable to be fixed, we will likely require you to pay the full RRP so we can replace it. In the case that it requires a simple fix, we would likely only charge the cost to mend it. As mentioned though, honesty is most important so please just get in touch if something does happen and we will be reasonable and discuss options with you. 

Can I buy the dress instead of renting it?

Unfortunately not. As we are predominantly a rental company we don't offer any of the dresses for sale.
From time to time, we will put ex-rentals up for sale, so that we can keep up to date with latest trends. Keep an eye out on our Instagram, as we will advertise any ex-rental sales on there first. 

Do I need to clean it before returning?

Nope! We have the cleaning covered. After your event, please just pop the garment back into the pre-paid return postal bag and send it back to us. We will take care of the cleaning to prevent shrinking, colour change, or any damage that can take place in a traditional washing machine.

Do you have multiple sizes of each dress?

Depends on the garment! Some of our more popular styles we have in a couple of sizes, however in others they come one size fits all (OSFA). If there is a specific item you like and it doesn't come in your size, reach out! We will do our absolute best to accommodate and if possible, order one in your size.